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Children's Dentistry

Quality Children’s Dentistry in San Diego

Dr. Norma Branson began her dental career by treating kids’ smiles and continues to earn the trust of parents by providing gentle, patient, and compassionate care for their children. Children Dentist in San Diego

Our dentist understands that her young patients’ early dental experiences can remain with them for a lifetime. Dr. Branson uses a stress-free first visit as an opportunity for children to get excited about their smiles and learn how special they are.

No Cookie Cutter Care with our Children’s Dental Services

Each child is unique and Dr. Branson tailors her approach to meet the individual needs of her patients. We discuss your child’s preferences and personal relaxation methods thoroughly, and with her years of experience, Dr. Branson is easily able to adapt her style to fit with your child’s personality. For instance, some children are more comfortable when a parent is in the room and others do better on their own.

We offer dental services for children from the ages of one and up, including:

Preventive care and education such as exams, fluoride treatments, sealants, and cleanings, as well as instructions on proper at-home hygiene and dietary guidance for the entire family.

 Tooth-colored fillings repair cavities with your child’s overall well-being in mind. We are an amalgam-free practice, as tooth-colored composite material is a healthier choice overall. 

Pulpotomies save primary teeth that are decayed or damaged. Dr. Branson provides composite crowns to keep the tooth intact until the permanent tooth emerges. 

Dental guards protect the smiles of our patients who play sports or participate in other activities such as dance. We also provide night guards for kids who grind or clench their teeth while sleeping. 

Frenectomies are necessary to remove a small piece of soft tissue in children who are born with tongue-tie or lip-tie. 

Orthodontic treatment includes interceptive, or phase one care for younger children to address developmental issues with their smile early on. 

Full orthodontics corrects malocclusion in older children. We offer a choice of clear or metal braces with selectable color bands and ligatures. 

Invisalign Teen® is offered as an alternative to conventional braces. With proper treatment compliance, this is an effective and discreet choice. 

Comprehensive and Compassionate Dental Care for Your Child

Dr. Branson has the ability to treat a wide range of dental issues, and her practice offers children’s dentistry in San Diego. She has the experience and skill to bring quality and comprehensive services together. 

Most importantly, Dr. Branson loves working with children. She knows how important it is for children to take pride in their smiles and understand how maintaining their dental health can make it last their whole lives. 

If you are looking for a dentist who respects your child as the individual they are and genuinely cares for their dental as well as their overall health, call our children’s dentist today.



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