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Comprehensive Orthodontic Services

A straighter smile is often the first step to the smile of your dreams and with modern treatments available you have many options. Dr. Norma Branson is highly trained and experienced in providing treatment for malocclusion, straightening misaligned or crowded teeth, and correcting bite issues.

For more information on the ways we can help you get a straighter smile, call us today for a consultation.

A Wide Range of Options for Braces in San Diego

To meet the diverse needs of our patients we offer the following orthodontic methods:

  • Traditional Metal Braces – for older children and young teenagers
  • Clear or Ceramic Brackets – for a more discreet look
  • ClearCorrect® and Invisalign® Clear Aligners – for nearly invisible teeth straightening
  • Phase One Intervention – for younger children with high risk of orthodontic

After listening carefully to your concerns she will develop the appropriate treatment plan and our staff will work with you and your insurance carrier to make the procedure as affordable as possible. Dr. Branson performs thorough orthodontic examinations at her San Diego office with advanced diagnostic tools to ensure you receive personalized care. 

Experience and Expertise

Our entire team is trained to optimize our patients’ orthodontic experience whether they require mild or more extensive treatment. Dr. Branson recommends children receive orthodontic evaluations at around eight years old to check for any emerging crowding or bite problems. If found, she is able to intercede with phase one intervention and reduce or prevent more extensive procedures in your child’s future.

For children who require traditional braces, we offer many customizable options and provide bands in many bright colors. We will see your child monthly for adjustments and are available earlier if any problems arise.

Your Source for ClearCorrect and Invisalign Clear Aligners in San Diego

As a preferred Invisalign provider, we offer a range of Invisalign products to accommodate your needs. Patients who have moderate to complex issues can benefit from the original Invisalign treatment, Invisalign Express helps those with milder issues, and Invisalign Teen helps teenagers comply with treatment guidelines.

We work closely with the Invisalign and ClearCorrect labs to create a series of precisely crafted trays that gradually move your teeth and bite into their proper position. These trays are designed to fit comfortably and remain in place at least 22 hours per day, only being removed for eating and brushing your teeth. To monitor your progress, we will have you visit every six weeks, checking your progress and supplying you with your next series of aligner trays.

If you are seeking the best way to straighten your smile and want all your options available in one location, come see Dr. Norma Branson in San Diego for traditional braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, or ClearCorrect.


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